Our Values

Beautiful Stories is a production company that develops and produces film and photography. We tell beautiful stories from the African perspective. Through our work, we seek to inspire Africans on the continent and in the diaspora to be proud of their heritage, history and culture.

Re-creating, re-visualizing and re-defining African stories in today’s modern perspective; journeying through where we were and who we’ve become. We believe that if we're the custodians of our narrative & story we could possibly eliminate the idea of “single stories” and begin to realize our potential.

Our Process


Every great project begins with good creative direction and concept development to help assist you create the best ideas for your brand.


Through collaborative efforts, we scout the best locations and cast the best models for projects.


The focus of this phase includes directing, producing and shooting of content. The most common misconception is that content only involve production however it is one of four processes.


Video editing, sound design, sound engineering and color grading makes up the final facet of our creative process. The captured imagery is processed into a final product.

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David Boanuh
If we are the custodians of our own history we don’t have to worry about misrepresentation in media. I am a filmmaker who believes that the mitigation of African single story largely depends on the African film industry. I hope to be at the forefront of this revolution. TEDx Speaker